The First In-Water Hull Cleaning Solution For Boats

30 Apr 2016

Headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, from the house of Corydoras comes Hull Washer – the world’s first cleaning solution for the hulls of maritime vessels that doesn’t require the vessel to be docked on land at all.

It involves an efficient and eco-friendly scrubbing process that can wash and clean the hull while the ship is in water. It is a unique process that is both cost effective as well as time saving.

Hull Washer cleans the layer of vegetation gathered by the maritime vessel on the hull from the very root, therefore preventing the growth and spread of microorganisms like algae.

The additional risk of the growth of organisms like small shellfish is also done away with by the scrubbing process. The method is extremely efficient in getting rid of harmful dust particles from the body of the hull as well.

Because the maritime vessel stays under water throughout during the Hull Washer’s process of cleaning, precious time is saved by completely avoiding hauling it to a dock on land.

As a matter of fact, all the hitherto applied traditional methods of cleaning the hull like smoothing, using an antifouling process or launching it are completely done away with in the Hull Washer process of cleaning.

This method helps in saving a lot of money thus making the process an extremely cost effective one.

No chemical substances like anti-vegetative paints are used in the Hull Washer cleaning process and therefore no environmental pollution or lasting harm to the marine ecosystem is caused by it in the long run.

The entire process is eco-friendly and consists of entirely electrical procedures that involve a proprietary system of in-taking water and then filtering it.

Hull Washer’s process of cleaning vessels is tested for quality, inspected and certified by the global standard regulation company Bureau Veritas.

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