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About Alexandre Bonotto

Alexandre Bonotto is an entrepreneur and a real estate professional with over 15 years experience selling high-end properties and real estate products. A founder of multiple successful businesses, Alexandre is currently the President of Hull Washer America; the world’s first and only company specializing in environmentally friendly cleaning of vessels which don’t require a dry dock.

Alexandre was born in 1981 in Montreal, Canada and attended The University of Western Ontario after this he sold real estate and honed his skills in property management, contract negotiation, social media marketing, strategic planning and many others before deciding to launch out on his own.

A long time resident of Miami, Florida, Alexandre is a surfing and sailing enthusiast who decided to turn his passion for water sports into a business that would protect the marine resources that are crucial to Miami’s social and economic activities.

In 2014, Alexandre founded Hull Washer America to provide eco-friendly marine technology to owners of maritime vessels. Hull Washer America carries out the removal of hull fouling using environmentally friendly and efficient scrubbing processes.

The Hull Washer process was designed to carry out cleaning in-water and provide an alternative to manual dock cleaning, repair, and repainting. The company’s eco-friendly method does not require the use of anti-fouling paints and therefore helps to safeguard marine resources from toxins and poisons. Also, the process is extremely cost efficient and contributes to reducing fuel consumption, weight, and drag, engine demand as well as preventing potential damage to the hull during repair.

Alexandre hopes to grow Hull Washer America into a world class brand and introduce this revolutionary technology to owners of maritime vessels across the globe. An avid athlete, Alexandre is also a part time tennis instructor and holds a black belt in karate. He was among the youngest snowboarding instructors in Mont Tremblant in his younger years and continues to follow the sport keenly today.

Alexandre Bonotto
Alexandre Bonotto President of Hullwasher America