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Hey there, I’m Alexandre Bonotto.


I’m Alexandre Bonotto

About Me

I was born in Montreal Quebec Canada currently living in Miami, Florida. In my early years, I was one of the youngest snowboarding instructors in Mont Tremblant Canada. I always had a love for more involving activities which quickly led to a growing interest in Martial Arts and Tennis. At a young age, I learnt to sail and surf, and it wasn’t long before I developed a bond with water and the ocean. This love for the seas is what motivates me to lead my team at HullWasher America where I serve as the company president.

About Hullwasher America

HullWasher is the first of its kind- an in-water hull cleaning solution for marine vessels that’s able to undertake the removal of hull fouling using a 100% Eco-friendly and highly effective scrubbing procedure. HullWasher replaces more traditional systems like smoothing, launching, haul-out and antifouling application. With this technology, we can ensure to reduced fuel consumption, reduced demand on engines, less drag, and more benefits.
Alexandre Bonotto with mom

My latest project is not only innovative but very exciting.

Hull Washer America, an eco-friendly venture that is sure to revolutionize the process of hull washing in the very near future, as it is the first of its kind.

Hullwasher America is the first company of its kind to offer an in-water cleaning solution capable of removing hull fouling from maritime vessels in an extremely efficient, eco-friendly scrubbing process.